Business coaches, mentors and sponsors.

April 13, 2022 Off By Admin

There is a big difference between mentors, sponsors and coaches. Let’s start with the mentors. This is someone you may already know who is assigned to you through a workplace mentoring program, or perhaps it is an outside group that you may belong to.

Mentors are willing to volunteer their time and guidance as expert advisors, which they do in private, directly with you. The job of maintaining a mentoring relationship is usually up to you, the student.

Conversely, a sponsor is someone who is willing to make a public statement about you, such as saying, “Yes, I know this person and trust him. I’m ready to give him advice.” Sponsors are willing to put their reputation on the line for you because they trust you and want you to succeed or know that you will help another person.

The coach will stick to a formal arrangement that your employer usually pays for and will guide the relationship with you while arranging meetings, he may have a clear plan on how to help you in your role and it will be much more than that. Structure and responsibility. All three roles can be great, and finding a mentor is a great start.