What Are The Best Summer Jobs

What Are The Best Summer Jobs

July 25, 2022 Off By Contributor

No matter where you grew up, no matter where you live, no matter how old you are or what your favourite type of weather is, we all love summer. Even those who aren’t so big on the warmer weather can still enjoy the longer days and the warmer nights. Summer is also great for the social calendar. 

Afterall it is the season of festivals and festivities alike. Chances are you’ve been waiting the better part of the year for summer to come back around – now it’s time to make the most of it.

Unfortunately, with all the extra holiday plans and events lined up it can be a bit of a drain on the bank account. If you’re looking to make a bit of extra cash to cover this busy period (or cover your Christmas shopping) a casual summer job might be perfect for you. 

First things first, establish how much time you have to spare. Making that extra money to fund the summer lifestyle is a tad wasted if you have no time to put those dollars to work. 

Maybe you’re a student who’s finished up for the summer, a traveller making the most of their trip or perhaps a full-time worker who’s in need of a side hustle – there are options to suit whatever your schedule may be. 

If there’s any time of the year that a person with limited availability who only wants to stay short term that time is during the summer. This is the silly season for just about every industry and they will take what they can get in terms of workers. 

Hospitality work is a general first stop shop for your summer job. Many of us started out in the industry as little teeny boppers meaning plenty of experience. Between holiday makers, the school holidays and Christmas, summer causes the demand for casual workers to go through the roof. 

While hospitality has the reputation of being hard work, it is also great for those penalty rates on weekends and has many different options to choose from depending on your availability. If you’re looking for something to fill your mornings and daytime, why not apply for a cute little café? Looking to have a long lie but still be free at night? No problem, the dinner shift would be perfect for you. Even better if you can get a spot in a fine dining restaurant as the tips are a little extra boost in the piggy bank. 

Perhaps instead you’d like to be part of the nightlife but earning money instead of spending it – working behind the bar will have you covered. Finding a position in a music venue is ideal to attend events without paying and whilst earning money to be there. There’s a good reason why hospitality is such a popular summer job choice. 

If hospitality isn’t your jam (it’s not for everyone) you could always give retail a red hot go. Most shops and suppliers will be looking to up their workforce for the summer in order to cater to spike in spending brought on by Christmas. 

Christmas casual positions are ideal if you’re looking to pick up a couple of extra shifts and equally so if you’re keen to make as much money as you can over summer. A little extra perk being the likelihood that the shop will have air conditioner. If the idea of frantic shoppers, rushing around to get last minute presents leaves you feeling a little queasy, why not think outside the box. 

Certain products are in high demand all year round – perhaps a job for aged care equipment suppliers who specialise in bariatric equipment. The biggest downside to a retail summer job are the experience requirements that most shops will be looking for in their candidates. If your resume is looking a little light you may need to focus on smaller, quieter workplaces or have a friend or family member in the industry vouch for your skills. 

One of the most overlooked and more flexible summer jobs is nannying. It’s not just summertime for you, it’s also summertime for the kids. The school holidays are great fun, but parents will often find they need a bit of time to themselves. Some families might even be looking for someone who can care for their children while they continue working their regular hours. 

If opting to try your hand at nannying you will likely need to get yourself some certificates. You won’t need to be an expert on how to have a baby boy or how to have a baby girl, but parents will often expect you to have a working with children check and will value any first aid or early childhood qualifications. 

Nannying is also an ideal job for students who might be taking on some summer classes as chances are you will have downtime where the children are occupied allowing you to get a bit of study in whilst on the clock. Just be careful when negotiating your wages with potential employers – the nannying industry is notorious for underpayment. 

As hard as it can be to juggle, one of the best jobs you can get for summer is to have multiple little jobs. This allows your days to be a little more variable and exciting and provides you with the freedom to pick and choose when you will work. 

These kinds of jobs include things like; lifeguarding, uber driving, delivery services, IT managed services companies, office temping, rock star bartending or dog walking. Each of these positions can be picked up and dropped depending on how busy your week is looking. Including a job like driving Uber will ensure you’re never going without work, so you don’t have to feel the pressure to pick up every shift you are offered. 

The downside to this style of summer job is the amount of scheduling and time management it involves but if you’re an expert with excel or a keen diary user this will afford you the most freedom to really enjoy the summer.